Nine Months

Well, I busted the baby.  Probably not the last time she falls on her face, huh?

A pureed fruit consolation popsicle.

A pureed fruit consolation popsicle.

Poor kid – she’s still not crawling, but boy, is she trying.  She’s also trying to pull up on any and every possible item, particularly the ones that are unstable.  Hence the face plant.  I took her later the same day to her 9 month checkup, where we discovered that she also had an ear infection!  I’d been attributing her awful mood to teething, because there was no fever.  Poor baby.  This month has started out with some very rough nights.  I suspect that we’re going to have to do a sleep training refresher course when she’s feeling better – we’ve been having a lot of middle of the night comfort nursing.  Between the (still not popped through) teeth, the lip, the ear, and her chronic constipation, it’s not surprising that Moose has been clingy and a bit grumpy of late.  Thank goodness for baby Motrin!

Otherwise, things have been going well, although I’ve been particularly stressed about work lately. It’s not seeming feasible for me to return to my school because it’s such a distance (I travel about an hour and a half on transit each way.)  I had an interview at a local school a few weeks ago and have heard only radio silence since, which is odd.  Typically the principals are pretty good about calling either way.  There will be another round of job postings mid-month, so something may come up there.  Depending on if I have a new position, my start date may be different, so it feels impossible to plan.  I don’t know how hard to push the daycares that we’re waiting on, because I don’t know when I’ll need the spot.  I am not a person who does well when things are up in the air.

Through it all, Moose just keeps on growing.  For a kid that still isn’t very mobile, she manages to get up to an impressive amount of mischief.  She manages to scoot her way towards things and explores everything.  She’s determined to pull all the grates out of the heating vents, snag herself a cell phone, and just this morning I stopped her from eating a coffee bean she found on the kitchen floor (I can only imagine what that would have done to her naps!)  She has decided that the only way she will consent to having a bath is if she can stand up in the tub and bang on the tub rim – the tantrum she throws when you try to sit her down is quite something. I have no doubt whatsoever that one of her first words is going to be “no” (followed closely by some approximation of “do it myself.”)

While strong-willed, she also has such a sunny nature.  Our doctor called her a “character” and I think that’s about right.  She waves her arms in the air when something excites her and she has an infectious little giggle.  Her new thing this month is kisses – she plants big, wet, open-mouthed kisses on Lauren and I and on her stuffed animals.  Sometimes she kisses each animal in “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?”, which is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.  She has also developed a love of the Fisher-Price Little People – I had a bag of them put away for when she was older that I got second-hand.  I busted it out while we were moving to keep her busy, and she was enchanted.  If I line them all up on the front windowsill she’ll spend a long time picking them up one at a time and playing with them.

Her subjects.

Her subjects.

Other notes from the month:

  • Moose still adores music class.  They use plastic reusable food containers as drums in her class, and she shocked me the other day by turning one over in our kitchen and drumming on it.  She gravitates towards musical instruments at the drop-in as well.
  • She does this hilarious thing when a new person talks to her – immediately bends over and tips her head into her lap to avoid eye contact.  She warms up quickly, but it’s such a funny way of being shy.  I keep trying to get it on video.
  • She’s starting to show familiarity with other adults that she sees often – our friends and the women who work at the local drop-in centre.
  • We went to her first Pride celebration!  Sadly, it was absolutely pouring here in Toronto for the entire weekend (I can’t actually remember it ever raining during Pride).  Still, we managed to cheer Lauren on in the Pride and Remembrance 5k, go out to brunch and see a few friends at the family pride event.
  • Finally, finally, finally, Moose is on a roughly predictable routine.  This is a kid who likes a routine!  She’s down to two (usually) decent naps per day and is awake longer in between – we usually go to the park or the drop-in in the morning and for a walk in the afternoon.  Many of my friends with babies are leading more spontaneous lives and getting in more outings, but much of the time messing with her naps is just not worth it – it throws her off so much.  I think that she’ll probably thrive on the predicability of daycare (assuming that we get in!)
  • Breastfeeding has gone so much smoother than I might have thought, but Moose is suddenly latching really shallowly and it’s driving me bananas.  Maybe teething pain?
  • Although her routine is great, we’ve fallen into the trap of associating nursing with sleep and Moose won’t go down for anyone but me.  How have other people handled this?
  • New favourites this month include lift-the-flap books, stuffed animals, books that contain photos of babies, drinking water (she’ll drink as much as I let her), petting other babies’ hair, and figures of people or animals.
  • Dislikes remain mostly the same – not being able to crawl, being sponged off or interfered with in any way (heaven forbid you want to wipe her nose),  being stopped from doing something dangerous, the sound of the vacuum, being dressed.

It’s amazing to reflect on how much easier life with a baby is these days.  The last week or so has been really exhausting, with Moose refusing to be put down much of the time and not sleeping well at night.  Still, I find that I don’t feel as stressed about it as I would have a few months ago.  I’m not sure if it’s just that I feel more confident, that she seems less breakable, or if I have an easier time telling what she needs (although I apparently can’t tell if she has an ear infection – whoops).  We’re just kind of getting it, one day at a time.

Nine months!

Nine months!

Just because - her ridiculous face!

Just because – her ridiculous face!


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I'm a queer, married, child and youth counsellor, in Toronto, Ontario. My wife and I had a beautiful stillborn son and we have an amazing one-year-old daughter. It's a complex journey.
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5 Responses to Nine Months

  1. What’s with the beads on her neck? I see them on tons of babies these days and I don’t know what they are for. She so cute and getting sooo big!!!

  2. Allison says:

    Goodness, she is adorable. I hope the sleep changes soon (so rough!) and that her lip heals up quickly.

    Are you coming to the meet up in High Park later this month?

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