Eight Months

This month has been a blur of getting ready to move, so I thought I’d better get this done before it was time for the 9 month update!

This captures a certain Sears portrait studio vibe that I love.

This captures a certain Sears portrait studio vibe that I love.

It’s just so fascinating to watch a human being develop from the little squish that we brought home from the hospital and screamed at us for weeks to the little scientist that Moose is now.  You can practically watch her brain whirring and making connections as she considers the world.

Moose has hit a phase where her desire to get into everything is at odds with her physical development.  Still no crawling, and it annoys her mightily.  She largely refuses to lie on her stomach now that she can sit on her own, so it will be interesting to see how/if crawling develops.  Her new thing is to squawk angrily until someone comes along to hold her hands so that she can pull up to stand.  That person then must be willing to just stay put and hold her up.  She’s not strong enough yet to pull up on objects, but she wants to, badly.  I suspect that once she sorts out how to move on her own she will be (even more of) a force to be reckoned with.  It just seems to be her nature to wait to do things on her own time and then just start with no preamble.

Moose has suddenly figured out the finer points of chewing and swallowing and will eat almost anything.  Although she will have nothing to do with those squeezy pouches of puree – we tried a couple of times while we were out and about during the worst of the move preparation and it was a no go.  We offer her some of the pasta or stews made for older babies at dinner sometimes and she likes those as long as she’s the one holding the spoon.  This month she ate (and loved) saag paneer, rice with peas, pad thai, spicy lentil stew, tons of fruits, vegetables, shredded meat – too many things to keep track.  She points now, which is impossibly cute, and she puts it to good use pointing at our plates when she thinks we really ought to be sharing (she also points at Lauren when she comes home from work – how sweet is that?)

I was not-so-secretly hoping that we’d raise a bookworm.  The library was my favourite place as a child and escaping into a book remains one of life’s greatest pleasures (and best coping mechanisms).  After months of Moose attempting to eat the book whenever we read to her, she has quite suddenly started to really like being read to.  I take her to the library often and a few weeks ago we took out a book called “Oink Moo Meow” about animal sounds (the hamster says “Eek!”).  After a day or two I noticed that she was smiling at each page!  It was such a good distraction that I renewed it from the library twice before the copy I ordered arrived.  Now she has many favourites among her extensive book collection and it’s a surefire way to calm her down if she’s fussy.  She’s also learned how to lift the flaps on books that require it and giggles when she “finds” what’s underneath.  It’s just so great.

I left her with a toy and came back to this.  So much lounging.

I left her with a toy and came back to this. So much lounging.

Notes from the month:

  • Favourite things at the moment include books, anything that rattles, her stuffed Cookie Monster, cherries, blackberries and blueberries (some of her first “tantrums” are around the fruit being finished), music, circle time at the drop in, being oinked at, standing with support, having her belly blown on, taking her foam mat apart, and anything that she isn’t supposed to have.
  • Dislikes include having her face and hands washed, hats, being dressed, not being given something that she’s got her eye on (most often an iphone), not being able to crawl or stand on her own.
  • She rode in the seat in the shopping cart for the first time this month and loved it, once she got over not being allowed to eat the produce directly from the cart.  Give her something in a bag to crinkle and she’s thrilled.
  • Her new, bigger car seat just arrived.  She’s outgrown the bucket in length!  She’s recently started to hate the bucket again anyway – I think she doesn’t like being so reclined.
  • Tons of babbling and screeching.  In the last few days she’s been experimenting with sticking her tongue out which is really cute.
  • Still no teeth.  I don’t even know what to say anymore.  I know they’re not especially late but she’s been showing teething symptoms for months.  Argh.
  • Separation anxiety!  It’s not as pronounced as some of my friends’ babies, but for our fiercely independent girl it’s new.  Moose is wanting to be carried more of the time and is not super impressed if I leave a room without her.  Moving hasn’t helped, I’m sure.  Usually as long as I sing I can hold her off long enough to get a few things done and we’re getting more use out of the carrier again.

A busy month!  My maternity leave suddenly seems almost over and we’re starting to get down to the nuts and bolts of what we’re doing for child care (crossing our fingers that we get a space) and where/when I’ll be working (fingers crossed that I get a school closer to home).  Lots of waiting and seeing!

But in the meantime we will attempt to unpack, explore our new street, and get ready for Moose’s first Pride.  Summer!




About tamarainwriting

I'm a queer, married, child and youth counsellor, in Toronto, Ontario. My wife and I had a beautiful stillborn son and we have an amazing one-year-old daughter. It's a complex journey.
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5 Responses to Eight Months

  1. Lauren says:

    I just realized we are going to lose the vantage point for these pictures unless we move some furniture around! Or maybe we want the backlighting? Je ne sais pas.

  2. Ashleigh says:

    It sounds like she is doing amazingly well! She is going to be up and cruising in no time. Maybe she’ll skip the crawling stage? 😉
    Hope we catch you guys at Pride this year! We are usually in the kids area on Saturday morning.

  3. Juliet says:

    She is sooooo cute! I LOVE the pointing! I love reading these and recognizing so much of the overlap in S. Hugs to you all. And happy new home too.

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