Six Months

I’ve been meaning and meaning to update – there’s been a lot going on this month, the exciting and the not so exciting. I’ve had an upswing in PPD symptoms over the last little while, and I don’t really understand why. I’m fortunate to be getting great services and it’s gradually improving. Also, we impulse bought a house (seriously) are are now rushing to get ours ready to list.

I have more to post about that craziness, but this post is for Moose – It’s been half a year since she was born! How is that possible?

Eating everything.

Eating everything.

Six-month-olds are fun! Moose has really come into her own personality in the last little while.  She is not really what one might call laid back, but compared to her first few months on Earth she is positively mellow.  She’s interested in absolutely everything and it’s a joy to watch her interact with the world.

Sleep is still pretty good. Moose has started teething in earnest, so that throws things off a bit, and naps are still in the 30-45 minute range (sigh), but the nights have been great.  Getting our evenings back has been very good for our mental health and Moose is a much more cheerful baby when she sleeps more.

This month marked a big milestone – we’re starting to offer Moose solid food.  She has become obsessed with whatever we are eating and started trying to grab things from our plates.  One morning I was eating a clementine with her on my lap and chatting with a friend, and she suddenly grabbed a section from my hand and stuffed it in her mouth.  Message received!  We’re currently doing baby-led weaning with Moose – we decided to skip the purees and go right to finger foods.  She’s not swallowing much yet, which is typical, but I’m so impressed with her ability to bite and chew.  She LOVES food.  Loves it, everything we’ve tried so far, with the exception of a stalk of asparagus that I gave her when she was tired – it was too bendy to fit in her mouth, apparently, and it made her very sad.

Loving Easter dinner.

Loving Easter dinner.

Asparagus is hard to master.

Asparagus is hard to master.

After Ezra died I attended a bereavement group at our hospital’s perinatal mental health clinic, and I’ve kept in touch with many of the other mothers.  There are 8 of us now with new babies and we’ve been getting together weekly.  Parenting after loss of a child is different in many ways from parenting your first, I think, and it’s so good to know others who are doing it.  Also, Moose is starting to appreciate social events more and is interested in other babies.  We’ve been going to the local drop-in as well and she’s fascinated by the kids.

Notes from the month:

  • Moose still loves singing and I’ve noticed that she’s starting to anticipate parts of songs – she’ll start giggling before the “blast off” part of Zoom, Zoom, Zoom  or songs where she knows I’ll tickle her.  She is obsessed with shakers and rattles and will start shaking if she hears music.
  • So far Moose has tried: Pear, orange, banana, cucumber, bell peppers, cooked carrots, watermelon, squash, broccoli, apple, guacamole (on a slice of pepper), asparagus, toast, chicken and lamb.  Her favourite was the lamb!
  • If the stars are aligned and she’s had a half-decent nap, other familiar adults are allowed to hold Moose now.  Sometimes.
  • She seems to have forgotten how to roll.  I’m going to ask the doctor about it at her checkup this week – is that normal?  She’s perfectly happy to hang out on her back.  She also has zero interest in sitting up.
  • I switched out the stroller bassinet for the seat and Moose seems amazed now that she can see.
  • Teething – yuck.  They don’t even seem all that close to popping through and we’ve got pink cheeks, fussiness, drool and general unpleasantness.  Saddest is when she bites down on a teething toy and then yelps.  Poor little thing.
  • This kid can stare better than anyone I know.  It actually disconcerts people in public – her intent little gaze.  She always seems highly suspicious!  I was on the subway with her the other day , and she was sitting in the stroller while I dug through my bag to find a water bottle. We were sitting across from two teenaged boys and I wasn’t paying attention until I heard one of them say, “Maybe it’s the glasses…my mom says babies don’t like glasses.”  I hastened to tell them that she stares like that at everybody!  She’s very smiley with people she knows but she really makes strangers work for it.  Although every now and then she’ll flash a huge grin at someone –  I have no idea what she loves about those specific people.

I’m finally feeling like we’ve regained some equilibrium, and we’ve hit a point now where we’re really enjoying Moose, not just because she’s our baby and she’s cute, but because she’s just so much fun to be around.  I can’t wait to see who she grows up to be.

Although it’s okay with me if she slows down a little.

photo 9


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I'm a queer, married, child and youth counsellor, in Toronto, Ontario. My wife and I had a beautiful stillborn son and we have an amazing one-year-old daughter. It's a complex journey.
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2 Responses to Six Months

  1. Mama says:

    Aw- look at that face! Lovely. We had the teething symptoms way before we had teeth, too. Maybe a week? Our current teeth count is 8 at 8 months- with more seemingly on route. Apparently we’re just getting it all over and done with at once.

  2. Rachael says:

    First, she’s the most adorable kid ever! Happy Half Birthday to Moose!!
    Second, I’m sorry to hear about the teething woes. Have you tried or thought about trying the amber teething necklace? I only ask because I can’t give people enough good things about it. The moment we put it on Punky, she stopped drooling and by the time her 2 year molars came in, we didn’t have any idea they were back there! (We started Punky with her necklace at 5 months old and just left it on her). If you have questions or want to chat about it, please feel free to email me! (email set in my blog password page) Good luck!!

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