Eleven week (wait, what happened to ten?!) update

I may in fact not be a very good blogger.  

I have several posts brewing on different topics, from how guilty I feel that I have yet to take a single belly shot (and yet never remember to do it) to how it feels to be contemplating becoming mothers when Lauren and I have nary a mother between us (although we both have stepmothers, which is another post entirely).  I’m working on it, but for now, in lieu of a half-written post, you get a weekly update.

All is well.  I had an interesting (read: terrifying) experience at the midwife’s office yesterday.  As my appointment was wrapping up, my midwife suggested that we should listen for the baby’s heartbeat with the doppler.

“Okay!,” I said. “But I have a tipped uterus, so it might be too early.”

“Oh, I can usually find it no problem at 11 weeks,” she said.  15 minutes and a lot of my own whoosing blood noises later, she was telling me that everything was very likely fine, but I could go for a scan in the morning if I was worried.

Well.  A missing heartbeat is not the most reassuring thing ever.  Although the internet and a variety of our friends told us that 11 weeks was awfully early to hear a heartbeat, it was still a long night.  Long story short:


Puddin is fine.  He/she put on quite a show for us, sucking on fingers, kicking, and stretching his/her arms behind his/her head.  No problem, just lounging!  Leading me to ask…what on earth am I going to do after we graduate from the fertility clinic next week and I can no longer get ultrasounds whenever I want them, and instant results? Also, look at our fetus and his/her human looking nose!

In other news, this nausea thing is going to subside soon, right?  All the heterosexist pregnancy books that I inherited from my sister-in-law say things like, “You’re probably feeling much better this week!”  Ahem. The medication helps so much, but “much better” is not quite where I’m at.  At least not between doses.

Notes from the week(s):

  • I got accidentally glutened by a cupcake crumb the other day and had the worst reaction that I think I’ve ever had.  Apparently pregnancy is making my body very dramatic.
  • One of my students looked up at me today and said, “Maybe you’ll have a baby soon!” When I asked him why he thought so he said, “You know, because you’re married!”  Seems reasonable.
  • I no longer feel that I might need to find a park bench to nap on during the day.  Granted, going to bed at 8:30 has now become a firm part of my routine.
  • We’re starting to tell a few more people, which is really fun!  It makes it all seem so…believable. 

We have our NT scan this week, and clinic graduation, and then off to second trimester we go.  And feeling much better, yes?



About tamarainwriting

I'm a queer, married, child and youth counsellor, in Toronto, Ontario. My wife and I had a beautiful stillborn son and we have an amazing one-year-old daughter. It's a complex journey.
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3 Responses to Eleven week (wait, what happened to ten?!) update

  1. Boo to still being sick! Hopefully you’ll feel better soon.

    Glad that Puddin is doing well… heart, nose and all! My midwife didn’t even try to find a heartbeat at 12 weeks, and now I’m glad.

    Also, it is very hard to break the ultrasound addiction. Very.

  2. You must be going nuts waiting for your next scan. What is it, 20 weeks? One of the few perks of invasive, expensive conception.

  3. Graduating from the fertility clinic is the worst! What do you mean no weekly ultrasounds!?!?!?! Waiting every 2-3 weeks is TORTURE! Torture I tell u!

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