Belated nine week update

I keep thinking of things I want to blog about, but the truth is that I’m not awake enough hours of the day to get to much other than working, trying to find things that I will eat, and putting myself to bed.  It’s truly amazing how much sleep I seem to need right now.  I miss my wife!  We’re not overlapping for very long in the evenings these days.

All is well with the little grape this week.  Although, a tip for ultrasound technicians everywhere: either talk about what you’re seeing, or don’t.  We had a scan yesterday morning that nearly gave us both a heart attack.  The tech was giving a running commentary (good size! nice development since last week!) until I asked about the heartbeat.  “You have to wait and talk to the doctor,” she said bluntly.  After several tense moments she turned the screen so that we could see, and we saw that wonderful heart flickering.  The doctor confirmed that everything was fine when we saw him afterwards (“Gorgeous! I wish I looked that good!”) and we were instructed not to come back until our 12 week scan and clinic graduation.  I honestly don’t know how I’m going to handle it when we leave the clinic and I no longer essentially have an ultrasound machine at my disposal.

Notes from the week:

  • My six-year-old nephew has named the fetus Pudding.  I think it will stick.
  • I wonder if it’s possible to develop tolerance to Diclectin?  It just doesn’t seem as…miraculous as it did.  Granted, I still feel much better.  I think maybe I have to tinker with when I’m taking them.  The last few evenings have been pretty bad.  Thank heavens for gluten free bagels, cream cheese or peanut butter, and grapes.  If all else fails, I can count on those.
  • The coolest thing ever in the scary ultrasound – after being asked to cough, we saw Pudding wiggling!  Like an independent being!  Amazing.
  • I told my family today, and they were suitably excited.  Best part – explaining to my 7-year-old sister that she’s going to be an aunt.  She kept saying “Oh!”
  • I have not gained any weight at all – which is not surprising given how hard it is to eat – but some of my smaller jeans are getting uncomfortable.  
  • I get up to pee probably 6 times a night, and that’s if I limit fluids in the evening.  I thought that was supposed to happen in the third trimester!

All in all, I’m starting to feel more like everything might be okay.  Down to the last couple of weeks of the first trimester, which is hard to believe!


About tamarainwriting

I'm a queer, married, child and youth counsellor, in Toronto, Ontario. My wife and I had a beautiful stillborn son and we have an amazing one-year-old daughter. It's a complex journey.
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3 Responses to Belated nine week update

  1. gus&otto says:

    I’m glad that you’re eating (ish) again! I recall that weeks 8-10 were the worst for me (and I didn’t have morning sickness, just 24/7 queasiness). I was so happy to feel a bit better in week 10 and then good by week 12. Although, then I didn’t have any symptoms and I couldn’t feel the baby kick yet, so I partially longed for morning sickness as a marker that things were still progressing in there!

    I love that your sister is only 7 years old!

  2. I like the name Pudding! I hope it becomes Pudding’s post-birth name, too.

    I still haven’t seen Bingo move, stubborn fetus. Apparently s/he did move during the 12 week scan, but the screen was turned away from me.

  3. Lauren says:

    I feel the need to clarify that the Sprout named the fetus Puddin’ , not Pudding.

    There’s a whole world of Bill Cosby sweaters between “Pudding” and “Puddin’ “.

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